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Viking, Go Home--Out now from The Wild Rose Press

Wulgar Thorrason’s inability to keep his lust under control earns him the ire of a Faery Princess, who sends him forward in time to modern-day Michigan to learn the difference between lust and love. There he meets Raven Harrison, a romance author. The petite beauty piques his lust, but he sees red when she scoffs at his tale of being a time-traveling Viking.
Raven is blown over by the handsome and half-dressed man who comes out of nowhere. His sensuality sends a shiver of desire straight to her feminine core. However, his tale of being curse by a Faery leads her to believe he should be locked up for his own protection. Before she can suggest just that, someone begins shooting at them, and both she and the Viking are running for their lives.
A circumstance that brings them closer in more ways than one, until their unknown assailant threatens Wulf’s life. Now both must make decisions that could destroy their relationship before it gets off the ground—and before the Viking is snatched back to the past.



Viking, Go Home by Faith V. Smith was hysterical from the very beginning. I love time travel books because the person either going forward or backwards has a reality check. Wulf was no exception, and the things that he did while learning was just comical. Viking, Go Home shows you that first impressions are not always correct, you should take a bit more time and look past the surface. Who knows what you will find underneath? 4.5 Bitten By Books Reviewer: Megan

Author Faith V. Smith writes a passionate love story between an adventurous hero and spunky heroine. Smith develops enjoyable characters with inner conflicts and unique strengths, fun dialogue and sensuous scenes. Readers will enjoy the conflict set by the time travel, where characters deal with the intricacies of different cultures, words, and attitudes. For fans of the Faery Princess, you will be happy to hear that Catriona will be the focus of Smith’s next book, Semper Fi Magick. Viking, Go Home is an entertaining read, with smoldering love scenes and characters to cheer for. Jennifer Akers

Faith V. Smith’s Viking, Go Home is a story of love, honor, and a big beautiful Viking who needs to learn a lesson. I found this novella to be a quick read with enough humor to make it entertaining, sufficient sexual tension to sizzle, and just a touch of danger to add an element of excitement. Bobby…Book Wenches

Smith gives romantic time-travel readers just what they want with this exceptional read. The flow between the years 1016 and 2010 is seamless, with none of the confusing, awkward transitions that often occur in time travels. The heroine
is an excellent example of the modern woman who has no trouble standing up for herself. When reading this story this reviewer couldn’t help but think of another excellent time travel, Jude Deveraux’s A Knight in Shining Armor. 4 Stars Cindy Himler…Romantic Times Bookreviews


“If ye do not quit thrashing around, woman, I will not be responsible for taking you.”

“Taking me where?”

“Thor’s hammer, I meant as a man takes a woman.”

Raven didn’t have to see the blush on her face—she could feel it. The man must think her bonkers to not know what he meant. She could only blame it on an overprotected childhood and a desire to start and keep her career moving.

Mortified beyond belief, she tried again to escape. Her hand brushed something hard against her thigh. Her gaze caught and then fell into dark silver spheres staring back at her.

Before she could open her mouth, his lips locked on hers, the covers disappeared, and a firm but gentle hand found and then slid under her gown. Her breath caught, held, and then released into his warm mouth as his fingers climbed higher. His tongue swirled deeper and taunted her until she reciprocated.

Wulf’s foray to find and tease all her trigger points made Raven burn with need. Her hips rose off the mattress when his hand found her breast.

His mouth released hers. “Easy, Raven. There is so much more I want to do to you. I do not want to hurry and your need is reaching out to me too fast and too hot.”

“Too bad, Viking. You started this, so don’t complain to me if you can’t keep up.”