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Tiernans Punishment -- Faith V. Smith

From The Wild Rose Press

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Tiernam's Punishment

Punishment? Or Fate?

When Tiernan, king of the Seelie court, allows a mortal into the Faery realm, he is banished to ancient Norway without his magick. Dropped right into a battle between two warring Viking clans, he is taken prisoner by the beautiful and sensual Mista, who refuses to believe he is from another time and place.

As Einarsson Chieftain, Mista protects those who have sworn fealty to her. Although she captures the handsome warrior wearing the enemy's chain mail, she spares him, making him a slave until he is proven innocent...or not. The fact he seems slightly deranged takes nothing away from his sexy good looks.

Their growing attraction is interrupted when Mista's home is attacked. But Tiernan, whether slave or king, with magick or without, is determined that no mortal will hurt the one woman who could be his soul mate.




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“No, please, do not cut my hair.”

Mista stood frozen in place, holding a strand of his moonbeam hair. Not only because of the man’s muscular thighs pressed against her legs, but the almost plea in his tone touched her.

“’Tis the law to do so.” Her words were a whisper of air.

“Not where I come from. To cut my hair is to unman me as a warrior.” His words were guttural, but she felt the desperation in them.

“If I allow you to wear your hair long, then others will fight to keep theirs. What reason can you give me to placate my men?” She held her breath waiting for his answer.

“I am not what I seem to you. I come from a place so far away you would have to travel through what you call Midegarde to find it.”

Mista wasn’t prone to believe in Norse gods, although a good many of her people did so, yet she didn’t correct the warrior. His eyes glowed with blue fire when he continued.

“A place where magick is commonplace, where there are no wars or...not usually.” He chuckled just a bit, the sound warming Mista’s heart.

“And just how did you get from there to here?” She knew she sounded scornful, but the blue-eyed charmer told a whopping tale.

“I traveled through time.”