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Gidion's Heats --Out now from The Wild Rose Press

Every night detective Gideon Hawks walks a dangerous beat through the streets of Savannah, but when he meets Katheryne Alastair, he discovers a new threat...this one to his heart. Her delicate, sensual features and old-fashioned clothing lead him to believe she is homeless. Against his better judgment, he takes her home.

Katheryne, a vampire ready to end her existence, lies in wait for the approaching sunrise. But when the handsome detective attempts to help her, she finally finds peace within her heart. The heat of his touch triggers a blood lust she’s kept dormant for centuries. Is it possible Gideon is her soul mate? When Gideon is mortally wounded, Katheryne cannot let him die. If she turns him, will he forgive her, or worse, walk away? Or will the eternal love she holds for him end the suffering of her centuries-old vampiric curse?



Presidential Heat

4.5 from Book Wenches! "The combination of vampires, suspense, and romance in Presidential Heat will keep the reader’s attention from page one until the last word. I found the story to have a unique quality in the style of vampirism, and it is always enjoyable to find something fresh. I can say that with the plethora of vampire stories on the market, it is a joy to find a story that is decidedly different."



The heat stinging her cheeks was nothing compared to the liquid fire singeing her feminine core. The man had no idea what he could be getting into.

“I’ll do that.” She reached out to grasp the doorknob and felt a set of strong but gentle hands at her waist. She resisted the urge to turn back and look at the one man who made her heart beat like a time bomb.

“Just one more thing.”

To not look this time would be rude. After all, he wasn’t just Gareth the man, but the head of her country.


“I’ve never felt this strongly about any other woman before, and I don’t understand the irresistible attraction I feel toward you. Right now I have an uncontrollable urge to kiss you, but I don’t think it would be ethical.”

“Well, then I’ll kiss you.”

Kira leaned in and lightly caressed his bottom lip with her tongue. Gareth pulled her to him, and his lips slid onto hers in a movement so smooth butter would be envious. Her body heated as he took his time exploring the outer rims of her lips before seeking the inside of her mouth. His tongue teased hers and sent a fresh flood of liquid to her sex. Kira’s eyes closed as she gave herself up to the seductive inferno of their kiss. Never before had she experienced anything like this. Despite her virginal status, she’d enjoyed her share of kisses and some foreplay, but had never felt anything the magnitude of this.

He deepened the kiss, and Kira’s vision went red under her closed lids. She heard the rush of blood through Gareth’s veins—something that shouldn’t be happening. Why now? Why him? She should not be wanting to latch on to his neck and suck for dear life. She’d tanked up on her injection a few days before and shouldn’t be feeling the hunger.

Yet bloodlust coursed through her body, heart, and soul.

“God above, the woman ignites my blood like a firecracker on the Fourth of July.”
Kira shook her head. Had Gareth spoken out loud? Impossible, his tongue was still deep inside her mouth. So why had she heard his words? A bolt of disbelief forged a river of chill up her spine. The only way she could have heard his thoughts was if he were her mate. A fated mate—something she really never believed she would have. But oh my heavens, he was the president of the United States.