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Beware What You Wish

Leah Barnett's travel to research a romance novel sends her back two hundred years--right into the bathtub of one hunky half Scot, half English male. His chauvinist attitude stiffens her spine, but his sensual kisses weaken her knees. Not to mention flipping her heart like a kilt in the wind.

Alistair MacKinnon's vow to stay out of trouble falls by the wayside when a sensual, outspoken woman falls into his tub out of nowhere. Her insistence that she's from the future doesn't cause him as much concern as the way his heart thuds just looking at her. He's finally found a woman who sees eye-to-eye with him--even if she does only reach his chest.

When Alistair orders the headstrong Leah to marry him to keep his despicable cousin from taking her to bed, the Scottish-English hottie gets a talking to that singes his ears. But it's not his ears that sting when they find a portal to the future for Leah.




For a first effort, “Beware What You Wish” is a pretty good story. Cute, funny and romantic where it should be. I can't wait to read Ms. Smith's second story. Rating: 3.5 Books, Review by Hibiscus - The Long and Short Of It Reviews

This is an intriguing story that has you wondering where Leah will end up at last….future or past. A highly, enjoyable read. Arianne -- Night Owl Romance

Although this is not my usual reading genre, I thoroughly enjoyed Beware What You Wish. Time travel sets the stage for delicious conflicts; charming characters dance within differences of dress, language, and culture. Readers will lose themselves in the story’s romance, excitement, and humor. Author Faith V. Smith creates a sizzling romance that ignites in a 19th century laird’s bath and blazes to a love destined to last beyond the chains of time. Beware What You Wish delivers exactly what readers want: a delightful story that knows true love lives in the mind, body, and heart. Jennifer Akers - MyShelf.com Read full review.

Longtime RT reviewer Smith's debut time-travel romance shows great promise and a talent for plotting, character development and dialogue. She competently juggles current-day and Regency England vernacular, moves the story along and packs a bunch of plot into one novella. Some may pause at the heroine using her cell phone in the 1810s, but if readers are willing to accept time travel, this device shouldn't be too much of a stretch. Lauren Spielberg - Romantic Times Bookreviews




“I’m out of here.”

Leah jumped off the bed and headed for the door. Her hand was almost on the doorknob when a large hand twice the size of her own caught it.

“Hold up lass. Ye still owe me some answers.”

He released her hand but put his palms on either side of the doorframe blocking her only escape route. She turned and faced the enormous lunatic.

Bad idea.

Too close—much too close.

The laird’s sensuality was playing havoc with her body, and the fact he had to be stark-raving mad was doing nothing to help her nerves.

“Please, don’t hurt me. I told you the truth, and I’m sure there has to be an explanation for this mess.” Leah clenched her fists to keep fear at bay. Tears burned the back of her eyes, but she wouldn’t let him see that she was scared spitless.

She had almost succeeded when one lone tear traced a path down her cheek. Dang it, this was no time to be a wimp. She had to get away.

She was foiled once more by the gentle grip of his hands at her waist. Leah’s feet left the ground. Her lips were now perilously close to the pair that had fascinated her moments before.

“I’ve never hurt a woman in my life. I be not sure of what is going on but we will sort it out. First, I must do this.”

His kiss was nothing like anything Leah had ever experienced. Seductive lips teased hers and then taunted her to open to him—and she did. MacKinnon’s tongue tempted on its journey—awakening desire so strong that her knees would have buckled if she’d been standing. As it were, her toes curled inside her sneakers.

Lordy, the man could kiss.